To provide assistance to the wives and children of fallen heroes and Veterans in need. Providing training and job opportunities to wounded Heroes regardless of the nature and extent of the wounds. Every Veteran has value to himself/herself, their families and their employers. Every Hero needs the opportunity for self-improvement, entrepreneurial opportunity, transportation, housing, clothing and most of all physical and mental health assistance in a first class environment.

Combat Heroes relentlessly works toward accomplishing it's mission providing these opportunities.


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"Donations here are made directly to the Bandini Foundation, a Federally Registered 501(c)3 non-profit Foundation dedicated
to the goals of Heroes Mission Statement" and are tax deductible as outlined in the tax codes.

Families at Home

Families of returning Combat Veterans need to be helped, especially if the Veteran has mental or physical problems upon returning. Whether PTSD, physical wounds or fatal wounds, the families are victims as well and need our support. No family of a Combat Veteran, including the Veteran him/herself should ever be on welfare, assistance or in need of educational opportunities. We all need to help.

Disabled Vets

Although the VA does a wonderful job, they are limited in many cases and of course don't have the budget they really need. We cannot let Veterans end up living on the street and we must make sure they have the care and support so badly needed. In 2013 the suicide rate of Veterans was 22 deaths per day. Yes…per day. We must get help to these Veterans before they reach a fatal decision. Every small contribution is really a giant contribution as itis critical the overall care and support of those who gave life and limb to protect us.

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